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I Must Become a Lion Hearted Girl

Who is the lamb and who is the knife?

Seattle Girl
7 April
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Basic Bio
I am the Mara Jade of LiveJournal!

Amanda. Green eyes. 5'2" (almost).
I would change my name to Revan if I didn't think everyone would call me Raven.
I'm working on a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing, with the dream of completing the Commissioned Officers Training program in the Air Force.
I figure that's the next best thing since I can't be a Jedi ^_^
Seattle is my favorite place in the world. I love music.
Things I like, Things I Fangirl over
I love to watch America's Best Dance Crew and wish I had a shred of talent. I love reading, movies, painting, drawing, the internet, fireworks, eyeliner, my sims, fanfiction, harajuku stuff, traveling, singing when I'm alone, Star Wars, lightsabers, cherry pepsi, my iPod, graphic editing, I have a unhealthy love for lj icons (the one & only reason to pay for lj), lurking through people's lj, random friending, gaming.
~*~Star Wars: The Old Republic~*~
You can find me on the Mask of Nihilus server.

Jedi Sentinel Kaiel ~ Jedi Shadow Kai'elle ~ Smuggler Captain Kaidence

Kai'el is my main character. I'm loving my alt character as well, a badass Smuggler for the Republic.

JediGirl on the swtor forums. Lame name. Thought I could change it later. Whoops.
I'm half f-locked, but new friends are great! Just drop a comment in one of my posts and I almost always friend back.

Not as active here any more 'cause I don't get any followers.

STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC Warning: KOTOR took over my life once. I think it's happening again. And this time it's a MMO so I can join others in the addiction.

Revan's Companions are Loyal Love
revan's clan


Q/O Pretty in Blue
Qui-Gon & Obi-Wan 'Quite Things That No One Knows'
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We're flat broke, but hey, we do it with style! - The New Radicals


You Quit.

Obi-Wan is Beautiful Jedi Love

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~My Chemical Romance's "I'm Not Okay" is Nerd Anthem Love (I Promise)~

Reno Crazy Love,YO!

Jackie Mercer

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I am the Mara Jade of LiveJournal!


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